• “Rusty has a keen eye for what makes Vermont such a special place. Through his stories and jokes, he conveys the heritage, intricacies, contradictions and joys of modern life in the Green Mountains. We should never take ourselves too seriously, and Rusty makes sure we don’t.” JIM DOUGLAS, former Vermont governor

    “Rusty DeWees is a legend in Vermont—and he doesn’t even make ice cream. Imagine that. I have been a fan of Rusty’s work for years. His talents are many, and trust me, his writing brings an added dimension of depth that is both satisfying and uplifting. Most excellent!” JERRY GREENFIELD, co-founder, Ben & Jerry’s

    '“Rusty Dewees’ sparse and well told tales masquerade as the mere “scribblings” of a Vermont diarist, but each vignette sparkles with some verity that connects us to our common sense and to our common humanity.” BILL SCHUBART, author ofThe Lamoille Stories and Fat People.

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  • “A voice as rollicking, raw, and thought-provoking as that other Vermont hell raiser, Ethan Allen. This book is a window into the hidden Green Mountain State beyond the ski slopes and changing leaves, and it will leave you with laughter and longing. But Rusty DeWees is more than just a regional treasure, he's an American original.” JOHN FUSCO, author of Paradise Salvage, and Screenwriter of Crossroads, Young Guns, Thunderheart, Hidalgo, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

    “Rusty DeWees writes the way he acts, with humor and wisdom, and from the heart. These stories of an authentic, traditional Vermont of interminable winters, high school basketball rivalries, independent-minded hill people and a way of life that I thought had died out a generation ago are a wonderful addition to Vermont's literary heritage. I loved reading them.” HOWARD FRANK MOSHER, author of Disappearances, Where the Rivers Flow North, and A Stranger in the Kingdom

    'Even though Rusty keeps us laughing with his oddball insights and off-the-wall philosophies, he also strikes potent emotional chords rooted in love of family, place, and an irrepressible North Country way of life. He's a force of nature.” JAY CRAVEN, Screenwriter, film director (Disappearances, Windy Acres, Where the Rivers Flow North)

    “As usual, Rusty slaps a twang and a twist on Vermont humor. His ramblings capture the very essence of simple life in the Green Mountain State - or anywhere.” DEBBIE SOLOMAN, Burlington Free Press

    "I blow leaves for a livin. Winters I got time to read. I read Scrawlins. Kept it in the bathroom. I read two or three to a settin. I like books like that, shorter stories. Rusty DeWees Scrawlins is perfect short story readin. I'll tell ya that for free.” ARDEN LEMRY, Leaf Blower, Canoe guide

    Whether you've seen him on film, caught his live stage act, heard him on the radio, or read his weekly newspaper column, there's more to Rusty DeWees than any one medium can reveal. There's more for you, and the uninitiated, to know, and luckily it's now all in one place, your hands! Scrawlins has a little bit of everything for everyone. As many uses as Vermonters find for duct tape, there are facets to Rusty DeWees (and in Scrawlins he reveals one duct-tape creation that's downright blushworthy). Rusty writes in a casual style, like someone you're comfortable standing next to against the wall at a barn dance. But he has a keen eye, a sharp mind, and a big heart matched with a curiosity that makes readers look at family, strangers, and the world around us with a fresh-sometimes humbled, sometimes twinkling-eye. He can be witty and wacky and thoughtful and insightful all at once. He'll have you ponderin, fumin, weepin, and laughin-at times out loud! Scrawlins is entertaining. Whether you're from Vermont, only been there, or been meaning to get there, Rusty DeWees will take you there-with an ear for accent and an eye for the absurd. From the small town of Richford to nearby-as-the-crow- flies Brattleboro to the front porch of Harlan Bishopsiz sausage store, Scrawlins will take you further than you can imagine.

    RUSTY DEWEES grew up in Stowe, Vermont. He has worked as a paper boy, gas jockey, landscaper, logger, concrete worker, school bus driver, basketball coach, and musician. He spent four years racing stock cars and, for a half-dozen years, he was assistant to the late William J. Doyle of the Doyle New York auction house. He works in radio and TV, and has appeared in more than twenty-five motion pictures. He created and self-produces a one-man comedy show, The Logger, which tours New England and has spawned DVDs, CDs, and calendars. Rusty DeWees lives in Elmore, Vermont.

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